How to Reach Out to Brands for Collaborations

Brand Collaborations is a topic that I always get asked about. Do I reach out to companies and brands that I want to collaborate with? How do I get brands to notice me? What do I have to do to get brands to want to work with me?

Well, here’s the breakdown:

I’ve only reached out to two companies in my entire lifetime of being on IG. All of the other collaborations that I have been lucky enough to participate in has been brands and companies reaching out to me. There really isn’t a surefire way to get companies to start partnering with you except for creating continuous quality content. I know I’ve said this already probably more than once but it truly is the KEY to growing your profile. Once brands and companies see your work and growth, and it’s aligned with their content, they will naturally want to work with you. One thing you could do if there is a specific company that you want to work with (and you don’t want to directly email them an request) is to create content with their products and tag them and use their hashtags. This creates an opportunity for the social media manager of that company to notice your content and decide whether you are a good fit for their affiliate program or current collaboration opportunities.

As for actually reaching out to the brands and companies, you would send an email to the brand with a collaboration request. In this request email it is important to keep in mind who your audience is and how this collaboration with benefit them. I would include your current stats (impressions per post, follower count, engagement level, the accounts and platforms that you would be able to post on) as well as a specific offer for the collaboration. Usually this entails number of posts, frequency/timing of posts, content ideas etc. If you have the same “target audience” as the brand, mention that as well! And most importantly, remember to keep this email audience-centric! Focus on how this will benefit for them and creating a long-term relationship with the company. There’s nothing these brands hate more than people who just want to collaborate to get freebies.

Also make sure you introduce yourself and what you do! Although you want to the focus of the email to remain on the brand and what you can do for them, it is important to also sell your brand/account and how it aligns well with the company you are reaching out to. Don’t undersell yourself! And don’t be afraid to try! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Here’s an example of a format in which you can organize your email:

Hi [try and find their marketing manager’s name!],

[introduction of yourself/your brand]. I am reaching out because [give reason and maybe an HONEST compliment].

My blog/instagram/whatever other platform currently has [give stats]. [Explain how this can benefit them!]

And then I would end it off by saying “hoping to hear from you soon”.  You can add in other aspects as well but that’s a really easy layout of key information you should include.

Hope that was helpful!





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